Spending time outdoors with your pets is always an adventure. Unfortunately, no adventure is completely free from danger. And as you know, fleas and ticks carry diseases that can wreak havoc on your pets.

To get the most out of the outdoors with your pets, you need to arm yourself with preventive strategies for fleas and ticks. If you are unsure where to start, contact us at Magnolia Animal Hospital of Raleigh for handy tips.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Are you afraid that fleas and ticks might rage war on your pets after outdoor fun? The odds might swing your way if you follow the below tried and tested parasite prevention techniques:


Ticks and fleas like hiding in the rugs, bedding, and carpet. As such, vacuum these places regularly to get rid of eggs and larvae. Additionally, ticks like attaching on tall grass, ready to pounce on animals passing by. That said, mow your lawn now and then to keep parasites off your yard. If you have firewood, ensure that you stack it off the ground in a dry location far off from your house.


If fleas and ticks are wreaking havoc on your pet, there are numerous products that can keep these pesky parasites away from your pets. Ranging from flea collars, oral tablets, sprays to spot-on products, you have many treatment options to help you win the battle against parasites.

But before using any product, consult your veterinarian first. Some products could be harmful to your pet, so be careful before starting a treatment plan.

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