Why Pet Hospitals Make Better Boarding Facilities

Are you looking for the safest hands you can leave your pet in while you are away? Magnolia Animal Hospital in Raleigh is the place for you. We provide friendly and exceptional pet boarding services, and we also can provide your pet with medication and treatment if the need arises.

Animal Hospitals Are Clean

Pet hospitals value cleanliness because they understand it is core to your pet’s health. We train our staff to maintain cleanliness, ensuring pet areas are free of dirt, bacteria, parasites, and grime. Urine and fecal matter can cause Lyme disease, along with other health problems for your dog or cat. At Magnolia Animal Hospital in Raleigh, we will provide your pet with a safe and clean boarding area, ensuring your pet remains comfortable and disease-free.

Emergency Care

Your cat or dog might become sick while you are away from home. If you choose to take advantage of our pet boarding services at Magnolia Animal Hospital, our veterinarian will provide your pet with emergency care should the need arise. You can enjoy your vacation in peace with the knowledge that reliable emergency care is always available at our pet boarding facility.

Relaxing and Comfortable Pet Areas

Like humans, pets want to stay in a comfy place, eat from a nice dish, have a great playing area, and good lighting. Our animal experts understand the needs of pets. We will ensure your dog or cat has a comfortable matt in their sleeping area for happy resting. We also regulate temperature, airflow, and control other interior conditions for the comfort of your pet.

Frequent Supervision

Since animals can’t communicate like us to say they are feeling unwell, they need a pet boarding facility with trained staff. Our veterinary staff will identify and address any health conditions in your pet while you are away.

Pet Boarding in Raleigh

Are you a Raleigh resident planning a vacation? At Magnolia Animal Hospital, we provide friendly pet boarding services to keep your pet happy while you are away. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at (919) 873-9190.