Pet Safety During the Holidays

The holidays are a time of celebration. While you're enjoying yourself, however, it's important to realize that the holidays can present some risks to your pets. If your dog or cat requires emergency care, contact us at Magnolia Animal Hospital in Raleigh to make an appointment with our veterinarian. Here are some steps to take during holidays to help avoid a trip to an animal hospital.

Be Careful with Food Preparation and Serving

During holidays, most of us focus on our human family members. This can lead to dogs and cats becoming sick if they're ignored and allowed to sneak food. Even foods that are normally fine for pets to eat can be dangerous if ingested in high volumes. Keeping your pets out of the kitchen and away from the grill are also good practices to keep. It's also best to keep your pets away from your family and friends while you're all eating to prevent your pets from getting ahold of foods they shouldn't have.

Use Pet-Safe Ornaments

Many holiday ornaments can be hazardous to pets. Before hanging ornaments, make sure there are no sharp protrusions, rough edges, or pointed areas that could injure your pets. Hang ornamental decorations in areas where pets are unable to access them if possible. If you are using lights, it is best to keep them high from the ground as wires could be bitten, causing electrocution. Ornaments with ribbons or strings hanging from them are also hazardous.

Don't Buy Poisonous Holiday Plants

Pets are naturally curious when it comes to plants. Dogs enjoy digging in the dirt around plants while cats will eat leaves to aid their digestive system. There are plants, such as Poinsettias, that are hazardous to pets if ingested. Keep all plants away from pets completely if you are unsure about their toxicity.

Contact us at Magnolia Animal Hospital in Raleigh for holiday pet emergencies. If your pet has an emergency, don't hesitate to call us at 919-873-9190.