What to Expect From the First Veterinary Exam for Your Cat & Dog

Bringing a new furry friend home is exciting for the whole family. Magnolia Animal Hospital in Raleigh, NC, wants to ensure your pet gets off to a healthy start with a comprehensive first exam. We are here to tell you more about your pet’s first comprehensive exam and what to expect.

Comprehensive Health Evaluation

Your veterinarian near you will perform a thorough head-to-tail physical examination to gather insight into your pet’s development. We evaluate the following:

•             Weight and growth to track potential health issues

•             Heart, lung, ear, and dental health

•             Skin, joints, and muscles

•             Neurological status and reflexes

We also check for vision, stability, and litter habits for kittens. Exams provide a general health snapshot and allow us to detect early anomalies that require veterinary care.

Immunization Guidance

Core vaccines protect your pet from contagious and potentially devastating illnesses. Your veterinarian near you will discuss your pet’s lifestyle factors and administer vaccines as necessary. They may also offer non-core vaccines, deworming, and flea and tick preventatives if needed.

Young immune systems also benefit from nutrition consultations as your pet grows. We guide age-appropriate diets tailored to breed size and sensitivities to help your pet with digestion and proper nutrition.

Ongoing Care Planning

While first exams help to set a baseline understanding of your pet’s overall health, establishing an ongoing care plan is vital for its lifelong well-being. We outline ideal timelines for the following:

•             Future wellness visits and vaccine boosters

•             Spay and neuter procedures

•             Specialty services if your pet has heredity issues

Care plans provide preventative care and early disease detection to avoid emergencies in the future. These plans also build lifelong health history profiles for your pet.

See Your Veterinarian Near You in Raleigh, NC, for Your Pet’s First Exam Today

Getting your newly acquired pet a veterinary exam is vital for ensuring it lives a long and healthy life, so contact Magnolia Animal Hospital in Raleigh, NC, to schedule your pet’s comprehensive exam today. Call us and schedule an appointment at (919) 873-9190.