Laser Therapy

Applications of the Companion Therapy LaserĀ® System

Companion Therapy LaserĀ® provides a revolutionary new approach to Veterinary Wound Management. It can significantly reduce healing time. Traumatic skin injuries and surgical incisions benefit greatly from laser therapy intervention.

  • Enhanced leukocyte infiltration
  • Increased macrophage activity
  • Increased neovascularization
  • Increased fibroblast proliferation
  • Keratinocyte proliferation
  • Promotion of early epithelialization
  • Growth factor increases
  • Enhanced cell proliferation and differentiation
  • Increased tensile strength in wound healing


Here’s what I have noticed in Lucy to date. She just had her fourth tx. yesterday. Within 24 hours of Lucy’s first treatment she was following me all around the house. Something she has not done for about one year. She spent her days laying in front of the couch on the floor.

After Lucy’s second treatment she ran, slowly but with purpose to get in the car. She was able to get in unassisted :-). Lucy is using the backyard again once a day which means she is going up and down 12 steps. Previously she went out the front door using 3 steps and it was a slow painful process for her.

After Lucy’s third treatment there is such a marked improvement in her daily quality of life, it brings tears to my eyes. She is so happy to be up following me around, begging for treats, being in the middle of the other dogs and hoping to go “bye byes”, a car ride!

I’m happy, Lucy is happy and we look forward to continuing progress with the laser treatments. My little 10 1/2 year old Newf is looking more like she could be little more than half her age with just 3 treatments. So awesome! See you at the clinic soon! Donna M.